What is the cost of an author's signature?

I once saw a book, about Starbucks, called “It's Not About The Coffee”. Exactly, I thought. It isn't about the coffee. Their coffee tastes like crap. I know a place, you can get good coffee at – at a small shop in Geroskipou, a village in Cyprus. It will be made by George, and it will leave a lasting impression. Every good work, every strong work, is unique. It has a signature, and an author, who takes responsibility for his creations.

I'm happy to see such works on out auction. True works. Works with an author. Sometimes bizarre works. Today's item is an electric bike. His creator was written about by major Russian bloggers, such as Varlamov, and publications, such as RBC. He builds custom bicycles. Every single one is unique and carries an idea within itself.

Today's idea is about the age of petrol and oil coming to an end. The creator has shown great irony by disguising the accumulator as a gas tank. You don't need to pedal to ride this bike. When the “tank” is full, it could carry you for tens of kilometers by itself.

You can watch a short video on our Instagram, which includes the today's item. You could also read a new article about Nikita on DSBU. We're not simply presenting magical things at our auction. We're presenting works with an author. Because a work with an author is a work with power in it.


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