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Paradise Franchise

There is an anecdote about Hugh Hefner, when he gets in heaven in a good place and is very disappointed in comparison with his life on earth. “I am coming from a good place”, he says. Imagine that all of your secret desires have been satisfied. Anya Rayskaya, ex Playboy model, founded a VR club in Moscow. Her clients have been in Hugh Hefner’s shoes and are very impressed. The number of clients is growing exponentially. American reporters expressed interest. The club exist for less than a year but has already gone international.

“We are not a brothel, we are better”, says the founder of the club. And that’s true. Opposite to brothel, everything is legal here. No problems with employees and unpleasant diseases. But the main thing is there - satisfaction of the erotic fantasies. For only 2000 rubles an hour (less than $30). Or 3000 rubles per day for home delivery. Yes, the specialist can come and bring all the necessary equipment for virtual reality experience.

We trust that in future this business will make brothels obsolete. Not only because it’s legal, but also because it’s easy, cheap and safe. Anya is starting to give franchises and put the first one on our auction. A partner can be in any country, where this business is legal. With our coming auction it is real!

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