When I'm buying?

Fist of all, you should register.


After registration, you select one of the statuses of the participant: public, confidential or absolute. Then you can bid at auctions.

- Indicate your wallet (only wallets with public balance - on blockchain.com).
- Confirm it with a $ 5 trial fee. The system will allow you to make any bet with an amount not exceeding the balance of your wallet.
- The term of the status is unlimited.

- Does not require a balance sheet. Pay $200 or $500. The system will allow you to place bets up to $2,000 and $10,000, respectively.
- The status is 1 year.

- Pay $5000. The system will allow you to place bets without restrictions.
- You will receive a notification of all planned lots. And get the right to leave a request for the redemption of the lot before its public announcement.
- The right to participate in closed auctions. If there are several applications for redemption of a lot, then a closed auction will be organized only for owners of Absolute status.
- The status is 1 year.

If you have won – you held the last bid at an auction – you can purchase the item, which is done by clicking the payment button, that will appear at your profile.

You have an hour to purchase the item after the auction has ended. If you fail to create a transaction during that time frame, then the right of purchase is passed on to the next bidder.

If you're new to the world of cryptocurrencies, and you need help with acquiring Bitcoins or getting a wallet, ask for our help.

When I want to put up my own lot?

Just write to us.

If we're interested, we'll contact you. Our fee ranges from 10 to 50%.