Necklace "The Blue Nile Falls"

We are firmly convinced that an astounding piece of jewelry, much like a great painting, should be unique. One of a kind. Created through the artist's inspiration. This is the kind of lot we're presenting today.

«The Blue Nile Falls» necklace from Ornella Iannuzzi's collection «Lucy in wonderland»

Every lot we select contains a bit of magic, and this one is no exception. When we first saw Ornella's works, we thought we heard them breathe. They seemed alive, as if they had a beating heart sending a pure life's energy through them. Ornella told us about what inspired her to create this masterpiece.

“It was inspired by my journey to Ethiopia in 2010 to source to rough opals. I visited the Blue Nile water falls and got captivated by the magnificence of the place so I make this unique pendant since each piece of this collection illustrates a place that I visited or something which strikes me about Ethiopia and Ethiopian culture.
The Nile source is in Ethiopia and it ends up in Egypt. In Ethiopia it is called the Blue Nile and then it becomes the white Nile. History and legends talk for themselves regarding the magic of this river.
Opal is said to be the queen of gems which brings luck to anyone with a pure heart, and Ethiopian opals hold the wisdom of the Queen of Sheba (yes, the one who brought gifts to King Solomon – author's note)”

Opal alone may bring you luck, but we think that this necklace would grant the winner something much greater.

«The Blue Nile Falls» Necklace
Made with a 20 cts hand-carved Wello opal set in 18k gold with a brilliant cut diamond, and mounted on rough diamonds (42cts).
Size: 44 x 24 x 12 mm

Created by Ornella Iannuzzi

In 2016 Ornella received the Gold award at Goldsmith's Craft & Design Council Awards. In 2015 she became a winner at the UK Jewellery awards, Jewellery designer of the year category. For two years in a row she was selected as the “Trendsetter” at HOT 100 by the Professional Jeweller magazine, UK. And that's not the full list of her awards and achievements.

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