Models For Everything

An engine part or a piece of jewelry, a knife or an ear canal model, a lampshade or a metal sculpture… 3D models for all these things have been created by the owner of our lot – Valdis Krūmiņš from Great Britain.

Valdis put up his services at our auction – designing a model for 3D printing. It could be something made out of metal, plastic, and even gold or platinum… It could be a prototype for a new product. The winner of the auction comes up with the idea and Valdis creates a model, ready for printing.

The auction has no starting price. It’s possible the winner will only have to pay a couple dollars in bitcoin for their 3D model. But there’s one limitation imposed by the auction – the amount of revisions for the model must not exceed the limits of reason and the patience of the designer.

You can read more about Valdis here. You can ask questions about the lot by email at info@fatcats.market

P.S. They say that after the epidemic, the world will change and never be the same. And in a new world, we’ll need new things. Maybe now is high time to come up with these new things and create them.


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