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Masterpiece of my brother

The work we're auctioning off today has been picked because of it's powerfulness and it's ability to induce a certain state of mind.

Traditional Chinese philosophy views the world as an interaction of five elements: fire, water, metal, wood, and earth. There exists an ancient practice, during which a person gets in tune with each element to explore it, and the world around themselves.

In this drawing, the author (Alexey Mohov) was able to convey the Wood element with ingenious precision. And that is worth a lot. This element is primarily associated with development, with growth and bloom. It's energy is similar to that of a human. Some people hug a tree to tune with it. Some people look at a drawing.

The Fatcats auction is magical. We believe that every item is received by the person it is meant for. And all our items are beautiful, and they too are magical.

Drawing “The Wooden One”
Ink on paper
Size: 42:29,7cm (16,5:11,7 inches)

Author: Alexey Mohov


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